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Our Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy 
The School generally has two classes in each year group.  There will be a maximum of 20 pupils in each  class  but  the School  works  towards  an  optimum  number  of  18  pupils  in  each  class.  Any additions  are  at  the  discretion  and approval  of  the  Board  acting  on  the  /recommendation  of  the Headmaster.  
In cases where there are many more applicants than there are available places; the school has devised a very strict hierarchy of entry criteria. Over-riding the criteria is an expectation that the prospective pupil  has  the  ability  to  follow the  curriculum  offered  by  the  School.  Teaching  is  conducted  in English with the exception of Modern Languages and Portuguese History.  Ability in English is a crucial factor when considering the admission of an applicant.  
The  School  is  open  to  review  applications  from  pupils  requiring  some  academic  learning  support. The School will only accept such applications if it believes that the applicant pupil has the ability to follow  the  curriculum  offered  by  the school  and  that  it  has  the  resources  to  support  this  applicant pupil. 
The hierarchy of entry criteria is as follows: 

The applicant:  
1.  holds a British passport. 
2.  has a parent who holds a British passport. 
3.  has a sibling in the School 
4.  has  English  as  his/her  first  language/has  attended  for  a  significant  period  of  time  an 
English, British or International School where the teaching language is English. 
5.  is the child of a former pupil of the School 
6.  is the child of a school employee. 
No pupil shall be admitted without: 
a)  an interview 
b)  submission of evidence of learning and behaviour from previous schools 
c)  having been given the appropriate test for their age 
d)  a completion of medical information form and evidence of vaccinations 
e)  proof of identity 
f)   payment of appropriate fees. 
At the discretion of the Headmaster, an overseas pupil may be provisionally offered a place provided  all of the above points (a-f) are satisfied upon arrival in Portugal.   
The school recruits throughout the school year and recommends that interested parents complete the registration process as early as possible to guarantee a place. In the case of two or more applicants equally  satisfying  the  criteria,  the  place will be  offered  to  the  one  whose  original  application  was received by the School first. 
If we have any concerns about a pupil’s suitability for progression into the following year group, or into the Secondary Section (including the transition from F10 to IB), these will have been raised with parents by the respective Heads of Primary/ Secondary during the year. The Headmaster reserves the right for a child to repeat an academic year and/ or not to offer a place in the following academic year based upon academic and / or pastoral concerns.