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11 Jul 2017

IBDP 2017 Results: 100% Pass Rate

After two years of hard work, for students and staff alike, we are happy to announce that once again, OBS achieved 100% Diploma pass rate.

There were some outstanding results with Diogo Preto gaining 40 points and so achieving his goal of studying medicine at Queen Mary's in London and Madalena Gomes Ferreira scoring an impressive 39 and so comfortably achieving her offer to study Design at Goldsmiths.

Francisca Schneider and Emanuel Figueiredo each achieved 37 points; with Emanuel succeeding in gaining 3 points for TOK and the Extended Essay and Francisca securing her place at St Andrews in Scotland to study Psychology.

A special mention should go to Maria João Caiado who achieved 38 points, 10 points more than was predicted at the start of the IB. This shows the power of hard work, dedication and never giving in.

Congratulations to our 2017 IBDP graduates!